Creatives called to sign Freelancers Manifesto

The UK’s self-employed creatives are being called to sign a new document launched this week at the European Parliament that puts five tenets at the fore of freelancing’s future.

The Freelancers Manifesto, now open for signatures, states EU freelancers need fairness on contracts and pay, access to state contracts, inclusion in official figures, recognition and "a voice."

If enough UK freelancers sign their names to the manifesto, then an EU Freelancers’ Envoy to champion freelancers’ concerns could be appointed, hope the document’s authors.

In fact, the European Forum of Independent Professionals says an envoy is needed because “for too long” policy-makers have focussed on SMEs, without asking what impact policies for such businesses will have on independent workers, who are the smallest of businesses.

“In order to address this, a specific official for iPros should be appointed, not dissimilar to the current SME envoy,” the EFIP said.

“The iPro envoy would have responsibility for the flourishing freelance community, to act as a champion and ambassador of the independent way of working.”

John Niland, EFIP’s Patron and a freelancer himself, says every freelancer who signs up will represent “another voice calling for recognition of our unique and vibrant way of working.”

He added: “Just like our Manifesto, the [European Freelancers] Movement calls for recognition of the size and importance of our sector, acknowledgement of the good that we do for the economy and a commitment to providing the support we need to continue to flourish.

“If you are a freelancer working in Europe, the Freelancers Movement means that being professionally independent no longer means being isolated.”


11th March 2014

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