Women drive growth in self-employment

Women are more likely than men to ‘take the plunge’ of working for themselves, attracted by flexibility, better pay, quality of work and being their own boss, an analysis of official figures says.

In fact, the number of females ‘going it alone’ as freelancers surged by 12% between the third quarters of 2011 and 2013, compared to only a 5% rise among men between the same periods, says Easy Accountancy.

The figures, released last month by the Office of National Statistics, show that more people than ever before are self-employed (4.3m), and that women represent more than half of the self-employment growth since the recession.

“Freelancing has become the norm for many professionals who want to be in control of their careers, time and finances,” reflected Heather Dore, a regional manager at Easy Accountancy.

“Add in advances in technology and more people working remotely, the integration of consultants into a business has never been easier.”

According to the ONS data, men are still the dominant force in self-employment – accounting for more than three million freelance individuals, whereas self-employed women total 1.3m.


5th March 2014

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