Superfast homes 'will sell for 20% more'

Not having access to at least standard broadband speeds in a property could shave its resale value by up to 20%, says an analysis underlining the growing importance to people of working from home.

Issued at the weekend by property expert Henry Pryor, the analysis hinges upon his belief that broadband is now regarded as “the fourth utility” after gas, water and electricity, The Observer reported.

Speaking to the Sunday newspaper, Mr Pryor said: “A home without at least a standard broadband connection could be worth up to 20% less than a comparable property.

“The more demanding buyers now want fibre-optic superfast speeds… [for] working from home, streaming entertainment or managing [a] stack of equipment”.

His comments follow a move this month by property website Rightmove to add data about broadband speeds and availability to its inventory of more than one million homes.

Receiving 400,000 page views a month, the site’s broadband tool was unveiled after people said broadband was more important when scrutinising a property than its proximity to schools and transport links.


2nd March 2014

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