Your invite to develop an EU-wide freelance voice

A new initiative which aims to unite freelancers, contractors and independent professionals working anywhere in Europe through an online campaign has been launched.

Set up by Munich-based freelancer Joel Dullroy, the ‘Freelancers Movement’ calls for anyone working on their own account to show their support for such an independent way of working by signing up to the campaign page.

PCG, the UK’s trade body for freelancers, welcomed the initiative, saying that the more freelancers who sign their names to it, the more policy makers will be compelled to listen and act to ensure the needs of freelancers are catered for.

“Freelancing is growing right across Europe, just as it is in the UK,” said PCG’s chief executive Chris Bryce. “The number of people working in this way is up in every single EU nation.

“In countries like the Netherlands, the growth has been as high as 92% over the last ten years. Far from being a fad, this is now a sea change in the way people are choosing to approach the world of work.”

He added that the movement represents further proof that even though freelancers are in business independently, they do not work in isolation, and said freelancers in the UK should join to show they support for independent working.

The Freelancers Movement echoed: “We need a common voice to get politicians to start listening to our concerns. Alone, we're ignorable. Together, we're powerful!”

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