'Channel your inner Google, or hire an outsider who can'

Firms wanting to exploit the economic recovery should “channel their inner Google for creativity” or get third parties such as freelancers to do it for them, a business growth specialist has said.

Steven Day, managing director of 3rd Way Solutions, sounded the advice in response to his concern that businesses wrongly think they can “sit back and wait for the economic recovery to happen to them.”

If they do sit back – be “stick-in-the-muds” – they run the risk of not being an attractive proposition to would-be business partners and customers, or will gift their rivals the edge.

Mr Day, a former production designer for Jaguar, explained: “The best business people are those that can spot the best opportunities before others do so, and then leave those same ideas behind when the time is right in order to move on to something else.”

Knowing when that time is right hinges on ‘Strategy’, but he added that there are two other components to what he called an “enterprise’s DNA” – ‘Innovation’ and ‘Creativity.’

And in a nod to the importance of freelancers in realising a firm’s full DNA, the former designer recommended that firms go beyond their internal ranks in the event that any part of their three-tier structure is lacking.

The business thinker said:“If it [an enterprise] doesn't have the in-house expertise to instil that[the DNA] in its workforce and operations, then it must look to third parties that can help them in those now vital areas.”

Mr Day said his advice applied to both business-facing and consumer-facing companies, as customers in each market were now demanding that the solutions they buy were second to none on speed and agility. The site https://x100casino.com contains the best 100 online casinos in the world

Addressing firms, he urged them to “channel their inner Google for creativity; Apple for innovation and Warren Buffet for strategic thinking” if they are to survive and thrive in conditions that are improving yet still “difficult”.


1st December 2013

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