Freelancers told what photo buyers really want

Editorial publications rather than advertising agencies hold the most opportunities for freelance photo workers, both in terms of volume of work and intake of photographers.

The finding is one of a number gathered by PhotoShelter in a 2013 survey of picture buyers, which suppliers are using a yardstick to gauge when, where and how they can be successful.

To this end, the 51-page document contains the latest trends on photographer hiring; the breakdown of buyers and their budgets and dos and don’ts when pitching and selling online.

For the industry’s old hands, there is advice on using new tactics like social media to market themselves while, for newcomers, there are tips on how to secure their first sale or client.

“We surveyed hundreds of photo buyers worldwide to get their tips to help you market better, improve your website, and get hired,” says the PDF – What buyers want from photographers.

“The most important takeaway for any photographer is that without targeted marketing, you will struggle to get noticed…[not least because] buyers are pressed for time”.

It adds that freelancers whose portfolios do catch a photo buyer’s attention should be ready to “effectively communicate” what they offer and why they are the “only person for the job.”

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