Innovative creatives vie for £30,000 bursaries

Five individual bursaries of £30,000 each are being offered to photographers, digital artists, sculptors, musicians and a host of other creatives wanting to “take their work to the next level.”

The offer, from Sky Arts and backed by IdeasTap, is open to creative freelancers in the fields of dance, performing arts, music, visual and ‘creative producing’ - such as film or theatre producers.

Entrants for the bursaries must be aged between 18 and 30 and can only pick one category for submitting their project or production, which will be judged by a panel of arts experts from the likes of the Sunday Times and the BBC.

In addition to the £30,000 bursary, the winners will be paired with relevant business and creative mentors to support their vision, which can be single and specific or ‘cross-art,’ but must be clear, innovative and, most importantly, reasoned.

A former judge, James Hunt, explained: “We like innovation but don’t try to be innovative for the sake of it, think about the rationale behind that innovation. You might be breaking new ground, you might be breaking old ground – either is fine as long as you can show how you’re doing it in your own way.”

He added that in their application for the bursary, creatives should signal how their work or project “sits within the current cultural scene”, and strive to “excite” and “show off” to the judging panel in their portfolios.

Only current residents of the UK and Ireland are eligible to apply, and all submissions must reach the panel in advance of the deadline of December 6th, owing to a “very high volume” of applications being anticipated.


9th October 2013

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