Creative recruiter tots up freelancers' pay rates

Freelancers working in London can now see what they should be worth, thanks to a recruiter lifting the lid on the average day rates commanded by almost 100 different creative skills.

Applicable to 2013-14, the rates are the averages paid to freelancers by creative agencies, digital businesses and global brands, said Cogs Agency, which published them yesterday.

The recruiter explains that, like 2012-13, certain skills within the technology and digital space are a shoo-in for freelancers, because the skills “rarely attract” permanent job-seekers.

But in the technology sector overall, there has been a “near flat-lining of freelance day rates,” except for freelancers offering a niche, such as bespoke content management systems skills.

In fact, such freelance content management experts take home as much as £325 a day – just £25 less than the starting rate of a freelance creative director or associate creative director.

Other freelance creative roles, albeit lower paid, such as copywriter or designer, have seen “strong” demand, which is currently centred on freelance project and production managers.

Yet the “meteoric rise” in terms of client requests has been for those freelancers able to lead or strategise on social and content – an area which shows “no sign of slow down”, Cogs said.


16th September 2013

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