Taxman to improve his manuals for freelancers

The taxman’s manuals for freelancers and the self-employed will become easier to search, browse, view and print, between now and the summer of 2014.

In fact, all manuals from HM Revenue & Customs will be repurposed on a more user-friendly format when, during the period, they are transferred from its current website to

In total, more than 100,000 pages of the existing HMRC website, including all manuals, calculators and other tools, will be moved to the award-winning government portal.

Taxpayers have been promised that every page on the Revenue’s website will redirect them to its new location on, or to a copy of the content, once it is transferred.

However HMRC says its online services that require its customers to login, such as for filing a tax return, will not be moving and will stay in their current location.

“We will be getting a wide range of users of the HMRC website involved in the project to help us make sure that the content and tools we develop meet their user needs,” added the tax authority.

“We are currently working on designs and early development on a range of tools and functionality for GOV.UK, such as building a system to display the HMRC manuals.”


13th September 2013

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