Editors’ photo needs in flux, freelancers told

Digital’s encroachment on print media titles might represent more of a shoo-in for freelance photographers approaching such publications to buy pictures than traditionally thought.

In particular, while the departure of a ‘traditional’ editor who is known to the photographer can scupper the chance of a sale, a replacement editor tasked with ‘digitalising’ the title may be even more receptive.

Such is the suggestion from the Bureau of Freelance Photographers, which reports having to make “hundreds of amendments” to its upcoming market handbook to reflect changes to editorial titles - and personnel - over the last 12 months.

“In the magazine field,” reflected the BFP, “titles come and go – as do editors. [But] a new editor can sometimes result in a change of picture needs.”

Cue the October 1st release of the 30th edition of The Freelance Photographer’s Market Handbook, produced by the bureau since 1984 to provide such workers the lowdown on the types of pictures currently sought by editors of specialist, trade and consumer magazines.

“Do take time to thumb through... [a] copy,” the BFP said of its new handbook. “Just by doing so you’ll almost certainly come up with ideas for markets you could approach – markets you may not have previously considered.”

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