Marketing clients ‘appear ageist when hiring for digital’

The evolution of marketing into the digital space has given rise to a “misplaced belief” on the part of clients that younger candidates are invariably better at getting to grips with the new tools on offer, a recruiter has said.

EMR, a staffing specialist to the digital sector, warns that it appears that ‘digital immigrants’ – newcomers to the online world – are being overlooked in the selection process when competing against “digital natives.”

The latter group’s perceived “dynamism” and closer association with digital tools or widgets seems to be swaying clients into selecting them for e-marketing posts over potentially older candidates from more traditional marketing backgrounds.

Simon Basset, managing director of EMR added: “This increasing drive to digital could be leading to a situation where the industry is progressively overlooking the value that genuine experience can provide.

“As marketing activities move increasingly into a digital space, there is a misplaced belief that younger people are better placed to use the new tools on offer – but that’s simply not an accurate picture.”

Elaborating, he suggested that clients needs to remember that technology is merely one tool needed to build a brand – alongside effectively communicating messages and increasing user engagement, which older marketing candidates often thrive at.

“In many cases, older professionals are the ones who work hardest to maximise the potential of technological innovations, using their knowledge and experience to greater effect than younger professionals,” Mr Bassett said.

“Technology is only another tool in building a brand… it doesn’t require companies to throw everything they know about traditional marketing channels out the window.”


7th August 2013

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