Copyright gateway opens to creative workers

A new website claiming to be creative workers’ “gateway to information about copyright” has opened in test phase, following a recommendation in the Hargreaves Review that such a service was overdue in the UK’s digital age.

The Copyright Hub, which is built and led by the UK’s creative industries, offers information about copyright; where to get permission to use a copyrighted work and how individuals can protect their own material.

It also allows rights holders to register their works for copyright protection and links to 12 organisations that can assist with the process or demystify copyright, extending to queries about licensing or marking work as protected.

Organisations are invited to put themselves forward to support further roll-out of the hub, scheduled between now and 2015, although only funding for the current phase has so far been pledged by the government.

Nonetheless, the hub’s launch should please Professor Ian Hargreaves, who recommended to the government in 2011 that creative individuals should be given wider access to copyright information and an easier way to track and license content.


7th August 2013

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