Creative firms 'at odds over their intellectual property'

Creative firms are at odds over their intellectual property – on the one hand recognising protecting their assets online is getting more crucial but, on the other, having no system currently in place to do so.

Unveiling new research, NetNames showed that 93% of company executives agreed that protecting their brand online would be more important in 2014 - at the same time as 69% of them have no monitoring system to do the job.

In line with their failure to act on what they recognise to be a critical issue, more than half of the executives admitted that they have not appointed responsibility for protecting their assets online to a senior person on the payroll.

The wider research, obtained by the Mail on Sunday, reveals a “stark disconnect” between the measures that the executives take to safeguard IP in the offline space, and how they protect it in the virtual world.

In fact, more than nine in ten of the execs reportedly already have “proactive processes” in place to defend IP away from the internet, such as registering trademarks or using legal methods. But online, IP is only being safeguarded by 40% of the leaders.

“Any online infringement of trademarks, or false claims of association by more questionable organisations, can damage trust in a reputable brand, lead to revenue loss or have a negative impact on search rankings,” said Gary McIlraith, the chief executive of NetNames.

He added: “Online assets such as corporate colours, brand names and logos are all valuable trademarks that contribute to a company’s success and recognition in the marketplace…so today’s businesses must be forward-thinking and take precautions to ensure that trademarks are effectively protected by developing the ability to identify online violations and quickly take action to remove any infringements.”


14th July 2013

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