Creative freelancers 'name and shame' rogue agencies

Freelancers who have been left in the lurch by a media, marketing, PR, digital or design agency are being called to ‘name and shame’ them on a new website dedicated to separating the rogue from the reputable.

Issuing the invite yesterday, said it wanted to hear from any FreelanceUK reader who has had the unenviable experience of being paid late – or not at all – for goods or services they supplied to a creative consultancy.

The community-based platform explained that its goal is for freelancers to provide their honest yet factual accounts of working for agencies, because such first-hand reviews could prove “infinitely helpful” to other freelancers.

The site added: “We believe that real reviews from actual freelancers are the best reflection of a company's ethos, and we encourage companies to let their freelancers review them.”

Reviewers are currently able to give an overall score to the agency, informed by whether it paid ‘on-time’ and ‘overtime.’ Freelancers can also post general comments on how the agency treated them.

In fact, at the time of writing, The Partners emerged on the site’s front-page league table as “the best” agency with a score of 10/10, while Forpeople appeared as “the worst” agency, with a score of 2/10.

Other agencies featured on the site have attracted comments such as “OK but chaotic,” “Good because they’re fast-paying,” in contrast to “[What a] Bunch of blackmailing cowboys.”

The site’s organisers caution: “State your opinions, but be fair in doing so, and please have a look at our guidelines.”


11th July 2013

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