Visual artists prepare for payback time

Freelance photographers and other visual artists whose copyrighted work has featured in UK books, magazines or on TV are being invited to claim their share of £4m in royalties, from August 1st 2013.

Announcing that its Payback service will soon be open for 2013, the Design & Artists’ Copyright Society said sculptors, painters, designers, architects and illustrators were among those due to receive payouts.

Last year, some 15,000 visual artists received royalties from the scheme, which is designed to financially cover situations where it would be impractical for the artist to license their rights on an individual basis.

For example, when a student in a library wants to photocopy pages from a book which features an artist’s work, such as a photographer’s picture, it would be impossible for the student to contact the artist.

Instead, the library pays an annual licence fee that covers their students photocopying copyright protected books – and it is such licensing schemes, in place at other organisations including businesses, that will generate the upcoming royalty payments.

To be a claimant, DACS says it needs to know whether you are visual artist with copyright protected work that has been featured in a UK, magazine or television programme, and requests examples or “proof.”

Claims for the current period – any year up to the end of 2012 – can be lodged from next month and until October, with no cost to register (although the society does retain a share of the royalties) and a guaranteed minimum of £25 for every successful application.


4th July 2013

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