Digital advertisers 'splash the most on Brits'

British companies are set to spend more per consumer head on digital advertising than their US counterparts, representing another wake-up call to UK bosses behind the curve on smartphone and mobile marketing.

According to emarketer, an average of £127 will be spent on digital advertising for each internet user in the UK, accounting for more than the four times the worldwide average and higher than the amount spent by advertisers ‘across the pond.’

To explain the finding, the consultancy pointed to the UK’s increasingly “multi-screen” population – evidenced by a solid mobile internet audience and strong smartphone and tablet adoption rates.

It said that, despite the UK’s ongoing economic challenges, digital advertising spending - which includes online and mobile formats – will rise 12% between 2012 and 2013 to reach £6.1bn. The medium will break the £7bn mark by 2015 and hit £8bn by 2017.

And this year alone, the UK’s market for mobile advertising - a growing chunk of the digital ad space - will effectively double from the £526m spent last year.

Reflecting on what will be an almost £1bn market, emarketer reflected: “Mobile ad spending will help drive digital growth throughout the forecast period [2013]. Advertisers are investing in mobile search and display formats to engage the UK’s increasingly multiscreen user-base.”

As in recent years, the overall UK advertising market in 2013 is predicted to receive a boost from investments in online/digital advertising, which now represents the largest single component of total media spending (surpassing even TV).

But they will be another pick-up for the market in 2014, this time from an offline source. In fact, the World Cup and Winter Olympics were said to be on course to do what the London Summer Olympics did in 2012 – offer a welcome albeit “slight bump in growth.”


30th June 2013

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