Freelancers consider entrepreneurial spirit key to success

According to a recent survey by PCG, the membership body for freelancers, entrepreneurial spirit is crucial for anyone working on an independent basis.

With 80% of freelancers, contractors and entrepreneurs considering entrepreneurial spirit the key to successfully running your own business, Julie Stewart, PCG Chairman, believes this shows that the spirit of entrepreneurialism is alive and well in the growing freelance sector.

She said “It is clear that for the vast majority of freelancers, success or failure in business is intrinsically linked to their abilities as an entrepreneur. The Prime Minister himself has stated on numerous occasions that fostering entrepreneurialism is crucial if we want to see our economy return to growth – well his Government need look no further for inspiration than our growing freelance sector.”

Freelance Active Directory Specialist and PCG member Ian Walker agrees that entrepreneurialism is needed to freelance successfully, but didn’t hesitate to point out that being an entrepreneur has little to do with the clichés created by the media through popular TV shows such as Dragon’s Den and The Apprentice.

“You don't need to be a Dragon's Den entrepreneur to be a successful freelancer but there is definitely something that sets us apart” Walker said. “Entrepreneurship is, to me, the ability to spot the opportunity that others miss, and crucially, to act on it” he elaborated.

Fellow freelancer Jon Green also says it’s all about spotting a new business model, product or venture, and similarly Christopher Reilly, freelance Project Manager says “I think it is about providing added value where you see opportunities to suggest improvements to a client over and above the specific role you have been contracted to fulfil.”

Julie Stewart feels that freelancers are in an extremely strong position and being the UK’s smallest businesses gives them “the ability to drive both their own success and that of hundreds of other organisations through their expertise, their experience and the unique vantage point their client relationships bring.”

“We know from the results of this survey that freelancers recognise the importance of their entrepreneurial spirit - the question is, does the wider business world?”


26th June 2013

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