FFR launches to protect freelance conflict reporters

The Frontline Club Charitable Trust has launched the Frontline Freelance Register (FFR) this month. The FFR is a representative body for freelance journalists exposed to risk while gathering news, which is also created and run by freelancers.

The FFR aim to provide freelance journalists with representation and a sense of community, its core objective being to support freelancers’ physical and mental well-being.

The organisation was founded by Vaughan Smith, a video journalist who also founded the Frontline Club in London in 2003 as an institution to champion independent journalism.   Smith said “ Freelancers need to have a voice, but most importantly demonstrate to the more traditional news industry that they are very serious about their work and that they are prepared to sign up to a stringent, but correct, code of conduct".

The safety of freelance foreign and conflict journalists has been a growing concern for years, and the FFR’s concerns were clearly voiced their white paper . Not only are they concerned about freelancers’ lack of institutional support but also the financial means for freelancers to adequately manage the challenges of operating in these dangerous environments for long periods of time.
During the next 6 months they aim to build a community that ensures its members observe responsible news gathering standards consistent with industry-established safety standards. Consumer credits - it is a loan for a significant amount of money and for up to 5 years. Such loans are taken to purchase expensive goods, to pay for medical services, to travel or rest, to study, to celebrate, as well as to repair housing or cars. personal loan features: online registration at any time, no collateral required, quick loan decision, quick receipt of money to the account, available with a negative credit history or for people working abroad, flexible terms and a big range of amounts, large commissions (in non-banking sector). They hope to establish a voice for independent journalists by working with journalist support organisations, industry figures and those with an interest in safety and security to support its members and champion safety and professional practice.

Find out more about the organisation here - https://frontlinefreelance.org


26th June 2013

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