'Closet freelancers' plan to ditch 9-to-5 jobs

More than seven out of ten freelancers who still hold down a ‘regular’ 9-to-5 job want to quit to be entirely independent – mostly because of the freedom being completely self-employed would bring.

Unveiling their findings, work site oDesk and agency Millennial Branding said that most of the individuals intending to commit entirely to freelancing would make the jump within the next two years.

Working wherever and whenever they like were the biggest ‘pull factors,’ followed by more interesting work (69%) and the opportunity to work while travelling – seen by half as preferable to having to take holiday time.

The findings, taken from research the website and agency commissioned into 3,193 freelancers worldwide, indicate that once employees try working for themselves, most will feel tempted to quit their regular employment in pursuit of it.

In fact, 72% of the respondents with some freelance experience indicated that they would like to quit their 9-to-5 post; including 61% who said they hoped to be entirely freelance within two years. Of those, 44% ‘definitely will’ and 17% ‘probably will.’

Gary Swart, the chief executive of oDesk reflected: “We believe that the barriers of Industrial Age work simply don’t make sense for businesses that want to get more work done, or for workers who are demanding more freedom. No one today wants to be confined to a cubicle.”.


17th May 2013

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