Politicians failing to woo the smallest traders

More than two out of five micro-businesses believe that none of the UK’s political parties understand their needs, reveals new research.

A YouGov poll of more than 500 people who run businesses with five or fewer employees shows that 42% of respondents feel no UK political party best understands the needs of the small business sector.

Only 25% of people felt that the Conservative party understood small business needs - while 9% felt UKIP was the most understanding party, 9% felt that Labour was the most understanding and just 3% believed that the Liberal Democrats were most supportive of the small business sector.

Ed Molyneux, boss of online accounting firm FreeAgent, which commissioned the research said: “This research shows there is clearly a split among small business owners when it comes to determining which party has the best interests of the micro-business sector at heart.

“But it’s also interesting to see that more than a third of people who were polled feel that not a single one of the UK’s political parties properly understand small businesses.”

Editor’s Note: Further ReadingNone of the UK political parties are fit for freelancing’s purpose


21st March 2013

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