Demand for creatives surpasses 2012 peak

New opportunities for creative workers surged in February to their highest level for more than a year, shows a jobs index compiled by recruitment group Reed.

In line with the overall monthly upturn for 31 out of 33 job sectors measured, the pool of opportunities for Marketing & PR candidates expanded last month by 22%.

Standing at 167 index points, the Marketing & PR sector was the fourth best sector in terms of monthly performance, having increased by 30 points since January.

The upturn means the stock of public relations and marketing roles is now at a higher point than any other month of 2012, surpassing even May (157 pts), the peak of the year.

But the index, based on data from Reed’s job board, indicates that marketing/PR nous was far from the only creative skill-set that was hotly pursued in the four weeks from January.

In fact, new openings for Media, Digital and Creative personnel also leapt last month, increasing by 28 index points over the period to 176 index points.

Until now, May was the hottest month of late for such candidates but, like their marketing colleagues, they too saw February as the new pinnacle of demand for their skills.

Firms approaching the new financial year and wanting to secure the appropriate staff in advance may be behind the buoyancy for creatives, as April often acts as a starting pistol for creative projects.


8th March 2013

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