Revealed: Labour's plan for the creative industries

The UK’s creative workers are being wooed by Labour in the shape of the party’s five-point plan designed to bring their multi-billion-pound industry “jobs and growth”.

Speaking at an arts event last week, shadow deputy prime minister Harriet Harman said the Labour party had been “working on” its plan, which arrives at an “important moment” for the creative industries.

Pointing to a 30% cut in the Arts Council; a push to move arts out of the curriculum and the stigmatisation of arts patrons as tax dodgers, the shadow culture secretary said she feared state policy was turning its back on the artistic and creative community.

Despite the latter group’s “talent and determination”, Ms Harman shared her “worry” that they are the victims of a “brazen and wholesale” retreat from public policy backing for their industries, thanks to the coalition.

Readying Labour’s “jobs and growth” plan in response, she said the party would strongly champion intellectual property; young people and skills, access to finance for creative firms and focus more strongly on the UK’s regions.

In terms of access to finance, including scope to beef-up crowd-funding of equity, loans and gifts, this should assist with Labour’s fifth point - to boost the creative industry’s export levels as well as its inward investment.

Last month, politicians from both the Labour and Conservative parties joined forces to reveal their personal creative highlights, and the impact creative content has had on their lives, in a video campaign entitled ‘Creativity: what does it mean to you?.’


19th February 2013

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