So freelancers, what are your five words for 2013?

Here’s a quick idea to help you become more assertive in 2013 whether you’re dealing with a creative like yourself, a company or new client, says Kay White, founder of communications and mentoring consultancy Way Forward Solutions.

It should equip you with an easy-to-digest, personal formula that helps keep you on the path you wish to be on over the coming year, and can be quickly uttered (under your breath!) if you find that you’re losing your way!

Forget one-word inspiration 

Simply choose five words to use to guide you; help you make decisions, and to make it easier to say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to things. A lot of people have suggested picking one word for the coming year. I believe five help you more. They seem to interconnect and influence each other and have more depth than just the one.

Say you chose: ’Family – Income – Peace – Attention – Commitment,’ for example. Can you see how they affect each other? Peace in your family; attention gives you peace, commitment to giving your attention, commitment to pay attention to your income, attention on your family commitments... And so it goes on.

A New Year’s resolution with a difference…

Having chosen my five words just after New Year, I now have them on Sticky Notes all over the place! On my office wall, on the mirror in the bathroom, on my notepad, in my diary and already I’m noticing how they’re helping and influencing me.

All that’s stopping you from achieving the same result is carefully deciding which five words you want to influence your 2013, and sticking to them!


3rd February 2013

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