What to buy a freelancer for Christmas

There’s not many shopping days left until Christmas and unfortunately you’re rarely faced with store shelves full of gimmicky gifts that will make the ideal Christmas present for the hard-working self-employed. That’s why we’ve put together a list of ideas for the freelancer in your life, writes Dora, a blogger for PeoplePerHour.

A Do Not Disturb Sign
Many freelancers work from home and almost all suffer with the same problem: letting family and friends know that they are indeed working and could really do with being left alone! Well-meaning partners pop in with cuppas or share the gossip from the street while friends drop by knowing you’ll be at your laptop without a boss asking them to leave. A ‘do not disturb’ sign solves many of these problems, either for the study door, hanging off the back of a laptop or even for the front door of the home! A freelancer will love the fact you understand they need peace to work too.

A Skype Headset
Freelancers love to Skype; it’s the MSN messenger of the 2010’s. Their laptop may have a built in microphone and camera but these can be a little muffled especially when there is external noise such as dogs barking, kettles boiling, children playing and so on. A good headset will ensure they can block out the world as they concentrate on the call.

Lounge Wear
Some freelancers work in their pyjamas, it’s one of the advantages of working from home. Those that don’t would probably like to but worry about passers-by, the school run or unexpected visits. This gift satisfies both sides. Comfortable loungewear that looks relaxed but not comatose is the ideal solution.

An Extra Monitor
If they are lucky enough to own both many freelancers will run a laptop and a PC simultaneously. One will be used for writing/designing/ graphics or work in progress while the other will be used for communication, research, Skype calls and the weekly food shop. An extra monitor can make life a lot easier and if you set it up for them on Christmas day they’ll be thrilled. Although make sure they resist the urge to test it out straight away, as freelancers need no excuse to work, even at Christmas!

A Month’s Delivery of Healthy Snacks
There are many companies out there that will post healthy snacks daily. These are ideal for freelancers as when working to a deadline lunch can consist of the most convenient food to hand. Freelancers also love to nibble as they think, so this will ensure they nibble wholesome food rather than the left over Quality Street!


20th December 2012

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