Brave British freelancer scoops media award

A British freelance cameraman who braved his way through Sudanese battlefields to make a “haunting” documentary for Channel 4 has been spotlighted at the Rory Peck Awards.

Daniel Bogado scooped the Sony Impact Award in London on Wednesday for ‘Terror in Sudan’, part of the broadcaster’s Unreported World series, which he filmed from the Nuba Mountains.

To capture footage to make the film, which exposes the largely hidden war being waged on thousands of civilians by Sudan’s government forces, Bogado had to dodge aerial bombardments.

In a testimonial to the freelancer’s work, the Rory Peck Trust said viewer responses to the film led to money being raised for a charity supporting the Catholic Mother of Mercy hospital, the only functioning hospital for one million civilians.

The judges, who convene every year to recognise freelance cameraman and women who work in hazardous or life-threatening conditions, also cited an acknowledgement from the UK Foreign Office. It said the film played an important role in the UK policy debate on Sudan.

The judges thought Bogado’s film was haunting, and very moving. One said: “It is sensitively filmed - it is under-stated and well-paced. There are very many small moments which create a huge emotional impact on the viewer. It is not a well-known story but I don't think any of us will now be able to forget what is happening in those mountains.”


29th November 2012

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