Creative boss offers Osborne a blueprint

A three-point ‘Creative Business’ initiative “to make Britain ‘Great’ again” has been called for, ahead of George Osborne’s Autumn Statement on December 5th.

Geoff Todd, head of a creative consultancy, says investing in an ideas-led economy; enhancing education and reprioritising the English language are the triumvirate that can boost our creative credentials.

Reflecting on the initiative, and its trio of components, he said its success would rely on “being smart enough to invest in what makes the UK unique” - assuming the objective is a “more fiscally secure and sustainable future.”

Outlining his indirect appeal to the chancellor, Mr Todd said a “focussed re-assessment of the tax and investment regime” to “bring all of Hollywood and more back” to the UK, which succeeded with tax breaks for films, was necessary.

Such support should be coupled with strengthening the “commercial and legal framework that underpins the creative industry”, he hinted, particularly in light of the internet and ongoing technological developments.

Turning to the English language - “the language most in use on the world wide web,” the creative boss said more should be done to make the UK the centre of excellence for English, which itself should provide a platform for the nation to lead.

“We also need to make the BBC Archives, the British Library and the National Sound Archives all more accessible,” said Mr Todd. “But we should also promote new works and encourage an international celebration of the English language.”

Component three, education, is necessary on the grounds that, today, more highly qualified English users seeking to consume and export creative content are emerging from India and China, than is generated in the UK.

“The UK should not only lead through our language, but also through owning and leading the education around the expanding creative business,” the managing director of Todd Creative Services said.

“Facilitating the ‘Creative Business’ means restating the timeline for activating Broadband Britain. We also have the opportunity to shift from being passive gadget users to creating more designers of the next generation of devices and especially the content consumed through them.”

Providing an example that serves to warn against complacency from the UK, Mr Todd said Finland was once the home of the mobile phone but noted its showpiece company, Nokia, has since been overtaken by “more agile participants from other territories.”

He added: “We have the opportunity to build the world centre of excellence around a major ‘Creative Business’ initiative in which we must invest significantly to reshape, our home market, but also re-create a world-leading export-led economy.”


26th November 2012

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