Demand leaps for online marketers, niche writers

The bounce back of internet marketing jobs for freelancers is racking up treble-digit percentage growth, indicating that the online stock of jobs is more than just consolidating.

Following a shaky second quarter, demand for social media marketers and marketing strategists, both on a freelance basis, jumped by 157% and 136% respectively between July and September.

Lead generation roles also surged by 136% in terms of demand when, similarly, measured on an annual basis in terms of the number of postings on jobs site Elance in the third quarter of the year.

The site reflected on the growth: “Businesses around the world today have more channels than ever to connect and engage with potential customers, which is increasing connectivity and fuelling demand for marketing services online.”

But even bigger gains in the third quarter were to be had by speech writers, whose pool of available contracts expanded by 474%, followed closely by script writers, whose demand increased by 371% over the same period.

As a category of work, ‘Writing’ mirrored the uptick as opportunities emerged 176% up on the previous third quarter, but the most buoyancy was for its niche practitioners, including sports writers, whose work requests grew by 282%.

Elance said that despite being very “specific”, such fields of writing were shown to have a “global client base” for freelancers, assuming they work online and can demonstrate an “expert talent” level.


20th November 2012

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