Online marketing jobs for freelancers 'bounce back'

A significant narrowing earlier this year in the online jobs pool for freelance marketers appears to have corrected itself, with no sign of the long-lasting ripples that had been feared.

Having analysed a range of jobs across many different industries on its site, said the internet marketing industry “bounced back” between July and September, following the “uncertainty” between April and June.

Then, a flurry of Panda and Penguin updates from Google “sent the online marketing industry haywire,” the site said, resulting in slumps across a range of job postings related to Search Engine Optimisation.

But in this latest quarter, the stock of jobs for both SEO and Internet Marketing each leapt 12 per cent, returning 10,509 jobs and 15,475 jobs respectively, in what was hailed as “moderate growth”.

Underlining the bounce back between July and September, Link Building jobs also notched up 8 per cent - returning a total of 7,068 jobs, compared with 6,529 jobs between April and June.

Facebook is riding high on the recovery. According to the third quarter analysis, jobs related to the social networking giant surged 11 per cent (to 7,193 jobs), up from a drop of 14 per cent previously.

Social networking, in turn, was buoyant, in light of its jobs pool expanding 15 per cent, resulting in 6,138 jobs. reflected “Facebook will be one to watch this quarter, as it attempts to monetise its mobile platform.”

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