How freelance creatives are faring in London

In the UK creative sector, we’ve noticed a tendency towards shorter freelance contracts in London, says Harry Fowler, a director at recruitment specialist Cogs Agency.

But in the capital there has been a drop in freelance creative roles that, by contrast, has emerged at the same times as steady increase within design and production contracts. For most roles however, overtime – to candidates to whom it is applicable, is now seen as a luxury.

Development has continued to see increases in day rates and salaries, showing that agencies and clients are willing to invest in the size of teams and delivering projects back to clients quicker. Certain niche technologies such as open source and mobile development are at a premium in the pay stakes.

The UX sector has definitely shifted. We have seen permanent outstripping freelance for the first time, although this is very sector specific. We have also seen day rates reaching a plateau.

Elsewhere, project management and production has seen a definite shift towards permanent from freelance but realistically, this is purely about agencies being clever and not over spending as they possibly did last year. Account handling hasn’t really seen much noticeable change.

Strategy has remained pretty constant. There is still a shortage of roles at a junior level however and this will undoubtedly have an effect on the market in a couple of years.

Thanks to improved technology, mainly in smart phones and the phenomenal success of tablets/pads, brands and clients have seen a real surge within e-commerce. Analytics are being brought in-house to help improve business decisions and, in turn, increase ROI. It’s all about improving the customer experience!

So where does this leave you, the workers, the very essence of the industry who make all of this possible? Well, despite the mentioned slips, doing pretty good actually. Permanent and freelance rates are remaining pretty constant against an overall gloomy global market, so 'the bottom line' is something to be positive about!


3rd October 2012

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