The Sun seems hungry for prejudice writers

Freelance writers looking to get published in The Sun could do a lot worse than turn in a piece on prejudice, a competition run by the red-top suggests.

Announcing the topics of six shortlisted writers, who entered the tabloid’s Column Idol competition, the paper said they included ‘what it’s like to be in a wheelchair’, ‘racism and religious stereotypes’, and ‘why calling someone ginger shouldn’t be an insult.’

These are apparently the cream-of-the crop issues concerning youngsters today, given that they were picked out by the Sun’s editorial team from 500 writers, aged between 18 and 25, who jostled to address a topic of their choice in print.

In fairness to all competition entrants, they were only asked to “listen to what people are talking about in the supermarket and down the pub – this is where your best ideas will come from.”

The tip, from Sun columnist Katie Price, was presented in the call for entries, alongside other advice like “make sure you know who your readers are and what their lives are like,” – not easy to do with a title that boasts six million readers.

All the shortlisted writers, whose topics also include young parenting and social mobility, have been paired with Sun journalists to develop their column idea which, if they win, will be printed in the paper this autumn.


10th September 2012

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