Freelancers on film for '7 days in June'

An ambitious new project is set to spotlight the working world of the UK’s 1.6 million freelance workers who, for the first time, are to be celebrated on film.

Dubbed ‘7 Days in June,’ the project will this month take a team of freelance film-makers to create a series of seven films, each shot to put a different aspect of freelancing in the picture.

So taking the leap, day-to-day freelance life and the often overlooked perks of self-employment – not just to its practitioners, will feature, partly to illuminate ‘freelancing’ – the ‘third way’ to work.

The film series, the finale of which will premier on National Freelancers Day (November 21st 2012), will also make the economic case for freelancers – a flexible, autonomous workforce that contributes an estimated £82bn to UK GDP.

Pointing to its other findings, film sponsor PCG, the freelance trade body said: “Our research shows that freelancing is increasingly recognised as a vital force for innovation and growth in the economy. The better it is understood, the greater its impact will be”.

Freelance content producer Rob Edwards, who conceived ‘7 Days…’, agrees:“There is still so much more we can do to help people get into freelancing and educate businesses on just how much contract workers can contribute,” he said.

Freelance accountancy specialist Brookson is another sponsor of the film, due to begin shooting on June 23rd at Media City UK, alongside other “leading industry experts,” contributing content or appearing in cameos.


14th June 2012

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