I'm no entrepreneur, say small 'business owners'

People who run their own small business have admitted what headline-writers for the sector have long suspected - namely that, while they might act like one, don’t expect them to identify with the word ‘entrepreneur.’

In fact, having polled 1,200 start-ups and owner-managers, software firm Sage reportedly found that only 4 per cent said that they would describe themselves as an entrepreneur.

The term ‘business owner’ was much better, 53 per cent of the sample said, while more than a quarter identified themselves as being ‘self-employed.’

Speaking to the Financial Times, Sage suggested that the term ‘entrepreneur’ had become sullied in the eyes of small business owners by “reality TV culture”.

Managing director Lee Perkins explained: “They equate the word to someone who has multiple ideas, rather than the traits of someone who might build and run a robust business.”


11th June 2012

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