MP sees red tape strangling advertisers

The creative juices around marketing alcohol in the UK could dry up if a push to minimise the harmful effects of such advertising goes too far, an MP has warned.

Welsh Conservative Alun Cairns reportedly blames the increasing tide of controls on the marketing of alcoholic drinks for blunting the creative edge of what British agencies can produce.

“Britain used to lead the world in its alcohol advertising and yet there are increasingly tighter controls on what they can do,” Mr Cairns told the Mail on Sunday.

Pointing to a government plan to ‘minimise the harmful effects of alcohol advertising,’ the MP for the Vale of Glamorgan spoke of the need to “strike a balance”.

To that end, he reportedly wants a debate on what he sees as the stifling of the advertising industry when it comes to the marketing of alcohol, particularly beer (where British campaigns have been well-regarded), to be held in Parliament’s Westminster Hall.







21st May 2012

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