We've little faith in Osborne, say freelancers

Freelancers and the self-employed have revealed they have little confidence in the chancellor's economic policies to stimulate growth at a time when they should play a major role.

Ahead of today’s Budget from the chancellor, more than half of self-employed people polled by YouGov said the coalition's economic policies would not inspire growth in the coming year.

Of the 55% of the self-employed sample who gave a thumbs-down, the highest proportion was in Scotland, but they were closely followed by their freelance counterparts in the North of England and then the Midlands.

Women emerged as more likely than men to find fault with the government's economic strategy, with half claiming the chancellor does not have the right economic plan in place. An even greater chunk of females worry his announcements today won’t result in any new growth.

“Self-employed professionals believe their sector is crucial to stimulating the UK economy,” said Martin Hesketh, managing director of accountancy firm Brookson, which commissioned the poll.

“This isn't a 'they would say that wouldn't they' statistic, [but rather] it encapsulates a sense of frustration as to the way flexible workers are constantly overlooked”.

In fact, almost nine out of ten of the respondents said the self-employed sector was crucial to kick-start the economy but, even among men - his less fierce critics in the poll, the majority think today’s Budget from Mr Osborne won’t contain any measures that increase growth.

Elsewhere in the findings, another obstacle to success as a sole trader emerged: according to the sample, almost three quarters of self-employed people are not told by their accountant on a daily basis of how much money they can draw from their business (after tax), and the majority think that a lack of up-to-date information on their finances holds them back.

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20th March 2012

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