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Winter Draws On

I can’t speak for anyone else, but for me, at this time of year, as darkness starts to intrude into the early afternoon, I find it really difficult to get motivated. At least I used to until I realised that this is the perfect time of year to take to the neighbourhood and get some night shots.

It’s a no-brainer really, in the summer you have to stay out till 10 or 11 o’clock to get good night shots, and it’s almost impossible to get light trails simply because the rush hour never happens when it’s dark. But in the winter, you can go out at 3 pm get some incredible shots and still be back home in time for dinner. To this end, I’ve been surfing, looking for some inspirational sites for night photography. First up is a free lesson from The School of Photography. Quite basic advice, but if you’ve never attempted night photography before this will start you off. Once you have a reasonable grounding, get some inspiration from Smashing Magazine, and then get your winter woollies on and get out there and shoot.

Check Out The Competition

Not the competition between photographers but the competitions that can win you prizes and recognition for your work. Photography Competitions Network has competition details for a range of genres covering the remainder of this year through to October 2012 and one from 2013.

Thinking of Photo Agencies?

If you currently submit to a photo agency or are considering doing so in the future, now is the time to plan your Christmas submissions. Of course, you won’t reap any rewards until next year, but magazines and book publishers operate 3 and sometimes 6 months ahead of the rest of us, so while we are celebrating Christmas they are planning for Valentine’s Day, Easter and even Summer Holidays. With this in mind, the Digital Photography School has some useful tips on preparations and subject matter. Your family Christmas celebrations could lead to several sales this time next year. Remember to study the market this year, see what’s being published, add a twist and submit to your favoured agency.

Canon Vs Nikon

Once again that old chestnut, Canon or Nikon raises its ugly head. The two camps are destined to remain at loggerheads. As a die-hard Canon user, I will never go over to the ‘dark side’, but if you are undecided then perhaps this site will help you make up your mind. The Digital SLR Guide has some unbiased advice for those in a quandary. Bookmark this site for the future so you can check out new cameras as they come on the market.

Gis A Job

Photography has clearly become a buyer’s market, with some photographers taking on second jobs to keep the wolves at bay. Whilst ironically, some people in secure jobs are taking up photography to supplement their income.

The work is out there, but is it a case of being in the right place at the right time, hard graft, or a bit of both? This column isn’t the right place for that debate, however, there are places that are advertising photographic jobs, both permanent and freelance, and in direct response to some posts on the Freelance UK Forum, here are a few sites that either I have had paid work from or I know someone who has. Obviously, the jobs that were posted when this was written may have gone when you read this, and although these are not specifically photographer employment agencies I do know that they have new positions being posted regularly. So, in no particular order, we have Total Jobs.Com, the link takes you to jobs in the south-east, but search around for the area you are interested in. Indeed and Reed are traditional employment agencies. With Gumtree, however, you can advertise your own services or search for jobs already advertised.

And Finally

Picture Social is an all-round photography site with hints and tips, forums, and some beautiful photographs. Unfortunately, the link for the home page was broken at the time of writing, however, all the other links works, and this site is well worth a visit.

Until next time, happy freelancing.

Jan Wright



24th November 2011

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