Freelance Round-Up: This month in photography

Well, it’s that time again. No not Christmas, but upgrade time. I’ve found in recent months that my PC has been running slower and slower, and despite programmes designed to make it run faster and more efficient, I’ve had to face up to the fact that the software I’m using is too powerful for the processor in my, barely 4 year-old PC. Ouch indeed.

So I have been trawling the net, to find out what really is the best computer for a professional digital photographer. At the time of writing, I am still undecided, however, I thought I would share some of the sites I’ve found useful, just in case some of you are having the same quandary.

Start From Scratch

The first decision I need to make is, do I stick to my PC or go to the ‘dark side’ and have a Mac. The first forum thread I came upon was quite old, 2008, but the debate is still a valid one, check out MacRumours. Obviously the rest of the site is Mac-biased, but if you are unfamiliar with this operating system as I am, this is a good starting point. Then I went to Bright Hub, a US site, and as before, pretty good, logical advice to be had. And finally, I found myself on this site What Digicam, which despite being predominantly a guide to photography, the linked page has some excellent advice on PC v Mac (and also some links to the best laptops for photographers). The majority of professionals that have commented on the sites I’ve visited seem to prefer the Mac operating system. I was tempted, but realised that when I get a new machine I will have to start working with it straight away, and it’s hard enough keeping up to date with the latest software without having to learn a new operating system as well, so I’m personally leaning toward another PC.

I’d be interested to hear the thoughts from Freelance UK readers and members. And if, like me you are dreading reloading all your software from one machine to another, I was given this link by a colleague who has used this software and recommends it. I will be purchasing this software when the time comes, from Laplink, my personal preference is for the option 11 ‘Move from old PC to new PC.'

And finally on the subject of new or upgrading a computer for photography, I will be buying the best video or graphics card I can afford, following the advice on this site PC Advisor.

Down To Business

For additional business advice alongside our own Freelance UK, there are another couple of free resources to be found on Free Business Forums and Getting British Business Online, so once we all have our top dog computers we can really put them to work for us.

Some Light Reading

Nearly all of the photographic magazines out there have an online edition and Photo Graphic is no exception, along with British Journal of Photography, Digital Photographer and Professional Photographer.

In addition to online versions of print magazines there are some dedicated online magazines that you may have missed. The Smithsonian Photography Initiative has some truly inspiring images and a magazine full of magazines, Smashing Magazine is a one stop shop to 40 online photography magazines.

And Finally...

I make no apology for plugging my personal favourite photographer once again, Andy Rouse. Even if you are not into wildlife photography you cannot be anything but amazed by the images on his site. Currently he is on a photographic trip to Finland and, no doubt, will once again bring back some stunning images; I can't wait.

Until next time, Happy Freelancing!

Jan Wright 



26th September 2011

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