Google foresees internet jobs boom for Britain

Up to 365,000 new jobs will be created in Britain within the next five years as a direct result of companies successfully exploiting the internet, show fresh calculations by Google.

Speaking about a study from economists at the search giant, its European boss said that its expectations of internet job creation in the UK were in the “hundreds of thousands”.

Having compiled the estimate based on GDP growth forecasts in the UK from 2011 to 2015, Philipp Schindler said the economists may have even come in “on the conservative side.”

So far in the UK, tough economic conditions have not halted the Web’s successful operators from growing strongly, with the internet now accounting for a fifth of GDP growth.

Speaking to the Sunday Telegraph, ahead of a business conference where he will keynote with George Osborne, the chancellor, Mr Schindler added that ministers should do more.

“From what I have seen I think the government really understands there is a need to drive technology and innovation. What are the areas I would double-down on?

“The first one is to lower the barriers to innovation,” he said. “A government – rather than saying where I regulate – should rather say how can I protect and actively create the space for innovation.”

For its own part, Google reportedly committed to expanding its base in the UK, partly by pointing to “a lot of seats” at the third office the company has opened in London’s Soho area.


12th September 2011

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