Freelance Round-Up: This month in photography- August

As I write this month’s column, I hear there has been a severe weather warning for London, which is where I live, with heavy rain and flash floods predicted. This is the August column by the way; the ‘summer’ month! But since we have had very little summer in any month this year, my photography focus has been on how to protect my gear from the elements to enable me to be a proactive photographer, regardless of the UK weather.

As I always stipulate I have no connection with the commercial websites I review in this column, my recommendation rests solely on fact that I would use them or have used them myself in the past. Having trawled my usual sites to find out what was available, I came across a few sites that I haven’t used, but will seriously consider using in the future, not just for wet weather gear, but also photographic accessories. 

Are you covered?

First up is Jack The Hat, only a couple of camera covers available here, but check out some of the other gear they have on the site. It’s nice to know, too, that a family business are still in business. I also discovered:

CameraClean, a wide range of covers and protectors and again, even more gear to put on your Christmas list. Did I just mention Christmas!?

  Well, it’s never too early... think about buying some extra camera gear and if you’re looking for recommendations, try Warehouse Express customer review and rating pages. If the gear you are interested in isn’t mentioned, check out Photozone. For the less technically-minded there is also SLR Lens and Camera Review and SLR Gear. Don’t forget to wander round the other sections of these websites, there are some little gems to be had.

In the bleak Midwinter

Okay, maybe I’m getting a little carried away with the seasonal theme, but we are heading depressingly quickly towards Autumn, and darker evenings! But remember those vibrant colours of Autumn, which is to be honest, my favourite and in my opinion, the most photogenic of the seasons.


If you still need some inspiration, here are a couple of sites with some truly inspirational images on display. Illustrated Photography and Phillip Veale Photography. And if the images on these two sites fail to get you out into the brisk fresh air, or if you are a studio-based tog, here are a few photographers to inspire and admire, some of which have won awards for their art, covering a range of indoor photography genres.

Two award winning wedding photographers up first, Gary Roebuck and PJ Photography, both have exceptional images on their respective sites, but with very different styles, I’m sure you will agree. And for those of you who love photographing bumps and babes, be inspired by Studio Deidre. Looking through this site, not only inspired me to seek out some newborns to photograph, it also compelled me to rethink my pricing. It’s always difficult to put a price on the skill of photography and even harder to justify that price to clients who probably have access to reasonably good cameras (or phones) themselves and think anyone can be a professional. The rationale discussed in the article on this site, Digital Photography School, is totally valid and something I think I may refer to often, not to work out what I should charge, but to reaffirm that I’m worth what I do charge. It’s a US site, but the maths and the theory still work, and scrolling down the page you will find links to other pages of equally good advice.

And finally...

A couple of links to competitions and Autumnal events. The Royal Photographic Society has the usual excellent advice, but there are links to a County Show and a few exhibitions around the UK. And if you are in a competitive mood, click on Photography Competitions Network. This is an international site, so make sure UK residents are eligible to enter.

I would love to hear from you, what you like, or don’t like, about this Round-up! Or even if there is anything you would particularly like me to include or seek out for you; contact me here.

Until next time,

Happy freelancing!

Jan Wright


25th August 2011

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