Smartphone bills 'cripple traders who travel abroad'

Freelancers who use their UK-registered smartphones abroad for work can easily end up with bills running into the hundreds of pounds merely for basic downloading and keeping in touch with colleagues and clients.

Issuing the alert, mobile technology experts said that despite being expected to lead a recovery through exports, business owners who travel abroad to drum up new sales, but keep in touch with the UK, are returning with excessive data charges of up to £800.

In fact, the average smartphone consumption of 10MB a day - over the course of a ten-day business trip in Europe, will be billed by their mobile phone operator’s network at the “alarming” total of £210.

But until now, business owners in the UK have had “no alternative” other than to use their smartphones if they want to do essential work while abroad, including staying in touch with their contacts, added TEP Wireless.

Reflecting on its research, the provider said: “At a time of great economic uncertainty, they [business people from the UK] shouldn’t be being charged more than the cost of their flight to do so.”

According to the firm, its new pocket wifi device offers cheap access to the top 3G networks across 16 countries in the EU, but only costs “a fraction of the price” that many business travelers currently pay.

Evidencing its claim, TEP Wireless said its UK business customers who travel abroad can rent a pocket wifi for just £4.95 a day, which can be used anywhere to connect smartphones, laptops and iPads to the internet.


7th July 2011

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