Freelance Round-up: This month in photography - May<br>

With, what most of us hope will be a long hot summer just around the corner, landscape photography may be on your agenda. Even if this isn’t your speciality, there’s always the chance that one of those holiday snaps may reap a financial reward. We all know how special the light is at dawn and dusk , but we also know how difficult it can be to work out the directions and angles especially if you are in a foreign country! Stephen Trainor has a Photographer’s Ephemeris, a neat programme which allows you to find out the direction and times of the sun and moon positions anywhere in the world! This is also available as an app for the iPhone but, at the time of writing, there isn’t one for the Adnroid.

Gadgets and Gizmos

If you like experimenting with your photography, Lifehacker is an American-based blog with ideas on how to make your own waterproof housing, Gorillapod and even your own Macro kit, using a Pringles can, I kid you not. This site has added massively to my ‘must give that a go’ list.


In a recent round-up I mentioned a site that suggested photographing the alphabet using everyday objects. Well Ron Bigelow Photography has no less than 12 photography projects specifically designed to develop your photography skills and your creative mind. Before you start on his projects, you may like to have a look at his galleries which contain some stunning images of mountains and waterfalls. Still on the subject of creative projects Smashing Magazine  has 50 photography techniques, some of which I guarantee will get those creative juices flowing! Learn how to photograph the exact moment a balloon bursts or create inspirational black and white photographs.

Time Lapse photography is the technique whereby dozens or even hundreds of photographs are taken of the same subject at regular intervals with the camera mounted in exactly the same place. The photos are then put together in the digital equivalent of a flick book, where you can watch seasons change, babies grow and tides rise and fall. There are three sites that together give a comprehensive tutorial on how to achieve this as well as wonderful and inspiring examples. First up is The Digital Photography School , which as its title suggests has many other tutorials and also free trials on manipulation software. My second suggestion is Ollie Larkin, this is an independent photographer, so there’s very little in the way of tutorials, however the images on the site are amazing and well worth a peek. Finally more structured tutorials can be found on Timothy Allen’s site but again there are some truly inspiring examples of this creative photographic technique.

Back to people

Are you ever stuck for a pose, you try something different, but it just doesn’t work, or worse, it would work, but your subject doesn’t quite understand how the pose is supposed to work. Would a pdf file that you can download, print and carry around with you for reference be useful? Yes, I thought so too. Look no further than Model Portfolio Guide, where you can see 192 different poses, some with props, others without. The Pro Photography 101 site also has even more poses, and targets models as well as photographers, so you can use this to help your subject understand what you are asking of them.

And Finally...

For anyone who is addicted to apps for their phone here are a couple of sites with information and links to apps specifically for photographers. Android users will want to check out World Label and for iPhone owners The Photography Pages.  Enjoy!

Until next time, happy freelancing,

Jan Wright


25th May 2011

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