Google's update 'decimates copywriting'

Google is being accused of ‘decimating the copywriting trade’ after its latest update to its search algorithm dramatically shrunk the number of freelance writing jobs.

In its quarterly labour report, blamed the search giant’s Panda update for ‘wreaking havoc’ on internet copywriters, content fillers and ghost-writers.

The search engine’s update, designed to control ‘low quality content’ – often a pastiche of existing stories, SEO-friendly topics and keywords, wiped out 1,300 copywriting jobs. also claimed the stock of ghost-writing jobs fell by 12% - representing 435 jobs – and Article Submission roles plummeted by 29% - equating to the loss of 2,011 jobs.

“These numbers are particularity noticeable as writing jobs had been experiencing massive leaps in growth quarter on quarter”, the portal said.

“This will come as quite a blow to many online writers who will now have to compete in more competitive categories.”



13th May 2011

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