StartUp Britain removes link to U.S. bid site

A new government-backed website set up to support British start-ups has removed some of its content after it was criticised for directing visitors to a US bidding site offering cut-price logo designers.

StartUp Britain, launched on Monday by David Cameron, trumpeted itself as “helping Britain’s future entrepreneurial talent by providing links to the web’s best business resources”.

Welcoming the site, due to offer new or growing firms deals on everything from business cards to broadband, the prime minister said it would help inspire a private sector recovery “with ‘made in Britain’ stamped all over it.”

Cue the disappointment of initial users reading ‘Top Tips’ to setting up a company who found that clicking the fourth tip, Create a Logo, transferred them to, a design sector bidding site based in California.

In response, unhappy droves of the UK’s graphics, design and creative personnel, some claiming the business model of bidding sites undercuts their own offering, lit up Facebook, Twitter, and the blogosphere, notably Creative Review.

However last night, in an update to its post ‘Start Up – cock-Up,’ the Review said: “Oli Barrett of StartUp Britain got in touch yesterday. 99 Designs has now been removed from the Top Tips list on the site and replaced with a link to the [UK] Design Business Association”.

It added: “There is still a link to it elsewhere on the site however. Barrett expressed his regret over the prominence given to 99 Designs and said that StartUp Britain will 'endeavour to find great British talent wherever we can'.”

Editorial image courtesy of JeredB


31st March 2011

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