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Peter Saville designs new England shirt

On September 3rd, England footballers took to the field in their match against Bulgaria in a new home shirt. The kit has been designed by none other than graphic designer Peter Saville, whose contribution is arguably minimalist and is a statement about modern Britain and features a collection of multi-coloured St George's crosses across the shoulders. The overall reaction on balance has been negative with many commentaters stating that most fans simply won't 'get' it. But before you make your own mind up it's well worth reading the in-depth interview between Creative Review with Peter in which he discusses the brief provided by Umbro and thinking behind the design of the shirt.

Being Unique in Design

As designers we all strive to stand out from the crowd and apart from our competition with our own unique style. But with so many inspiration galleries and so much influence form our peers it's sometimes hard stepping away from popular trends and coming up with something that really stands apart. Web Designer Depot have published a great post with a collection of leading designers who have undoubtedly achieved a distinct level of uniqueness in their work. Whether it's through brave typography or intricate illustration, each of these designers have focused on their own personal tastes and skills to really set themselves apart.

Three Lessons Apple's Competitors Have Yet To Learn

Whilst on the subject of uniqueness. Apple have always have a gift of creating innovative and unique products that get the technology world buzzing with debate and opinion. We, as designers, being inherently appreciative of the visual form, can all admit to being slightly obsessed by the Cupertino-based company and quite rightly. No other competitor can claim to generate the same level of inspiration and influence on the industry. In a recent post, Techi explore exactly what Apple do so differently and ultimately so well and 3 simple lessons can be learned but no so easily implemented.

The Most Powerful Colours in the World

Following their recent report on the colours of the social web, Colour Lovers have written a follow up post looking into the colours in the brands of the top 100 sites in the world to find out what really are the dominant colours and if it influences our perception of these big names. Most big sites got started with brands created by the founders with little research done on the potential impact of their colour choice. The predominant colour not surprisingly is blue with red a close second. When Mark Zuckerberg was asked why he chose blue for the colour for Facebook he replied "I'm color blind, it's the only color I can see."

Ikea releases baking book with a difference

Ikea have ventured into the realm of cookery and released a 140 page book with 30 classic Swedish recipes. The photography for each of the recipes is where things are a slightly different from you average cookbook. All of the ingredients are laid out in an minimalist style almost 'infographic' style alongside a photo of the finished article. Very quirky, very Ikea and something you won't find in Delia's latest book.

The New Twitter Is All About The Attention Economy

Twitter has finally got around to rolling out it's hugely anticipated redesign. The user interface now comprises of 2 panes to ensure users stay longer and use more of the new multimedia features that have been made possible through deals with over 16 photo and video sites to allow Twitter to embed their content. Here are a few figures just to remind you how astoundingly popular Twitter is - there are around 90 million tweets per day, over 160 million registered users with 370, 000 new users signing up each day.

Alex Peterson, Pixel Air, a web design studio in Cheshire.

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6th October 2010

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