Freelance Round Up - This Month in Photography

Annual Photo Walk

Every year a huge worldwide photo-walk takes place at umpteen locations around the planet. Professional photographers organise and lead the walks, and each group goes out for a few hours in the city they are currently residing, taking photos with a bunch of photo-geek strangers. Sounds like fun?

I missed out this year, but go to the website to see the results of this fabulous day. People win prizes and everything! I'd recommend trying to remember this one for next year, and see if you can get yourself on one of these walks. I'm certainly going to try!

Colour management

All photographers serious about their work and output will have to face the thorny issues of colour management. How to maintain consistency through all stages of the photographic process – from shooting, editing and final output?

X-Rite photo offer a range of tools to help you keep your colour calibration, um...calibrated. Also check out their range of tips, tutorials and webinars and then spend some time playing around with their Colour IQ test . A fun, frustrating way to understand how difficult it can be to differentiate between subtle colour nuances.

New releases

I haven't had a chance to look at new gear that's been released this month, but I've stumbled across this page with what looks like a juicy list of gear reviews. With a selection of SLRs, point-and-shoot cameras, and lenses, I'm sure there's something in of interest for those who are looking to buy some new kit. Or who simply like looking.

Photo competitions

Winners have been announced for a number of competitions this month. Sebastian Liste won the Ian Parry scholarship for his story on homeless families living in Brazilian favelas, and young photographer Ed Swinden won the BJP's “Shoot the Street” competition.

The Times/Canon Young Photographer of the Year has also been announced, and although entry is limited to UK residents between the ages of 18 and 26 (i.e. no oldies!), if you fit that narrow demographic, perhaps it's worth submitting an entry, to be in with a chance to win a very nice selection of Canon pro gear.


Keep the creative juices flowing with visits to exhibitions that are currently on show.

The Ed James photography exhibition is showing at East London gallery, theprintspace.

If you're quick you may catch the last week of Chris Steele-Perkin's exhibition “England My England.”  It looks like a fun, witty take on British stoicism

If you're a fan of the surreal (I am!) you may enjoy these 'fairy tale' images by Chan-Hyo Bae showing until the end of July at Purdey Hicks gallery near the Southbank.

And a farewell

It's coming up to 6 months since I moved from the UK back to Sydney, and it's been a bit of a rollercoaster in many ways. Starting over again has been tough – I won't lie – and I'm not as far along as I would like to be. But, as freelance creatives, are we ever happy with where we are? There's always something extra to achieve, some other milestone to reach.

I do have some new business ideas bubbling away, and hopefully with some hard work and a bit of luck I'll be able to see them through to fruition. What that means, though, is that time has become a bit of a premium, and I don't have the opportunity to keep scouring the internet for juicy news tidbits. Plus, all that UK based research keeps reminding me of why I loved living in London so much, and now is not the time for doubts!

From next month you will have a new photography news-hound, serving up news, reviews and other fun stuff. It's been great fun writing this column, and I'll certainly be checking in for a regular serving of what's happening 'up there' in Britain.

Cathy Topping


29th July 2010

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