Freelance Round Up - This Month in Design - July

National Design Awards

The best in American design has been honoured at the annual National Design Awards. The selection process is quite unique in that the award candidates are actually nominated by a national committee of 2,500 design professionals. Each of these candidates must have a minimum of 7 years' professional experience and awards are given for a realised body of work rather than for a specific project. There are 10 overall categories and this year's winners include interaction designer and partner at Pentagram Lisa Strausfeld, multidisciplinary design consultancy Smart Design and founding editor of I.D. magazine Jane Thompson.

Anti Design Festival

London’s most anticipated art and design event will launch in September 2010. The Anti Design Festival attempts to 'unlock creative fires and ideas, exploring spaces hitherto deemed out-of-bounds by a purely commercial criteria". Created as a response to the commerciality of the London Design Festival the Anti Design Festival is directed by Neville Brody and contributors include big names such as Stefan Sagmeister, Jonathan Barnbrook and Yugo Nakamura.

A Painting for the President

Graffiti artist Ben Eine, known for his distinctive alphabet letters painted on shop shutters across the city, was recently asked if he'd be interested in David Cameron having one of his paintings to pass on as a gift to the most powerful man in the world? How could he say no? Eine is said to be  "one of the PM's wife Samantha's favourite artists". The typography-based piece of work entitled 'Twentyfirst Century City' is described by Ben as being "negative words painted in a beautiful and a happy way".

Web Design Trends for 2010

I recently (belatedly) came across a post by Web Designer Depot and their own round up of web design trends for 2010. I thought it was worth mentioning in addition to a similar recent post by Smashing Magazine. The depot highlight popular design elements, styles and techniques that include big serif fonts, multi-column layouts and extra large lead images but to name a few. One of the common themes these days seems to be the continuing focus on using more sophisticated typography and moving away from rigid and limiting web fonts. This is partly due to the fact it's a lot easier to implement unconventional fonts thanks to Typekit and the Google Font api.

Freelancing - The Basics of Survival

Brighton-based font-end developer and technician of the Boagworld podcast Anna Debenham recently did a talk at the Future of Web Design conference on her experiences working as a freelancer. The talk was equated with Maslow's heirachy of needs model. A really fascinating comparison starting with one's basic needs such as a computer equipment and ending on self actualisation or understanding what really makes you happy.

Alex Peterson, Pixel Air, a web design studio in Cheshire.

Alex's Freelance Alliance profile.


28th July 2010

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