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Video in Photography

With the release of SLR cameras with built-in video functionality, photographers are increasingly being presented with opportunities to expand their repetoire and dip their toes in the parallel universe of moving images.

If you're interested in the possibilities of multimedia story-telling, there a multimedia buyers guide posted here that you may find useful.

Sony have release their version of a digital SLR with video capabilities , and although some say that the technology is not quite there yet, it may still be worth checking out at this early stage in the digital camera's next evolution.


This has been the month where those folks impatient to get their hands on an iPad have finally had the chance to do so, without need to sneak over to another country.

I've been reading lots about iPad's on many blogs over the past few months, as photographers got their hands on them, played around with them, and worked out what – if any – extra value an iPad could give to a working photographer.

This article, which came out before most people had a chance to play with an ipad, is a review based the possibilities of the new device. And the conclusion – that although it's a slick machine, it has limited usefulness for photographers, outside of being a cumbersome storage device - was echoing what I was reading in other corners of the internet at the time.

However. I've been noticing a shift in that trend over the past few months, as professional photographers started using their iPads and spent time determining whether this unique tool could fulfil a unique need.

There have been the arguments about the pros and cons of using the device as a substitute, or even simply a supplemental way of showing their portfolios to client and buyers. Some seem completely sold on the idea, others are less than convinced.

Some other photographers have found ways to create a new business niche using the device.

The general impression I'm getting from out there, is that photographers are increasingly finding the iPad to be useful, exciting and full of opportunity and promise.


It's been a couple of months of lots of software release and updates, and so I've been flicking and darting around, trying to work out whether it's worth the money to splash out on upgrades for all our favourite editing software.

CS5 has been out for a little while now, and as a photographer I'm of course focusing on the Photoshop corner of the suite. Here are some reviews on the latest incarnation of the godfather of digital editing software:

I think generally folks are happy with what they've been seeing, so an upgrade may be worth thinking about.

After being in released in beta for a number of months, and stringing out many impatient photographers, Adobe finally released Lightroom 3 this month. If you're interested in purchasing this software, or upgrading from version 2, head over to Adobe's site.

If you want to see what others are saying, some feedback on the upgrade can be found here and there's a helpful Q&A post over at Lightroom Killer Tips.

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29th June 2010

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