Freelance Round-Up: This month in design - June

D&AD Awards 2010

The yellow pencils have come out once again to honour and celebrate the outstanding work over the past year in the design and advertising industry in the 2010 D&AD Awards. The fantastic work in the 25 categories of this year's awards clearly demonstrate that design and creativity transcends economic downturn. Some of this year's notable winners were 'The Best Job in the World' - the newspaper ad that went viral and turned into the biggest tourism campaign ever. Apple continued it's winning streak and picked up a black pencil for it's website. And 'We Choose The Moon', the interactive recreation of the Appollo 11 mission to the moon won 2 yellow pencils.

Big Chip Awards

Now to a smaller and more local event - the 12th annual Big Chips Awards, sponsored by Manchester Digital. I thought I'd mention this as it's my neck of the woods. The big winners of the night were a Lightbox Education for their 'MP for a Week' game in the Best Public Sector Project category and Stardotstar won the coveted Big Chip New Media Agency along with Best Application of Technology for their Nosey Parker iPhone App.

Apple HMTL 5 Demos

Web Standards support has never been stronger and has now got Apple's full backing with a showcase of demos using HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. Possibly a snub at Flash but it has to be said these demos are pretty impressive - scalable video in perspective, custom web fonts, audio and image carousels and not a swf in sight. It's still early days and not everyone has the latest version of Safari installed but it's an exciting indication of great things to come.

If you fancy a go at some of these things yourself then there are many awesome CSS3 techniques that you can start using today as helpfully demonstrated in a recent post from mashable. Should you decide to go with some of these snazzy effect leave a bit of time at the end to implement some 'graceful degradation'  to account for users with older browsers.

FIFA World Cup Design: Posters, Logos & Mascots 1930 - 2010

Football fever has taken hold and productivity has taken a nose-dive amid the start of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. For those not even interested in the beautiful game, you'll still be able to appreciate this back catalogue of World Cup posters, logos and mascots stretching all the way back to the first final in Uruguay in 1930.

Effective Proposals, Invoices & Sketchy Clients

Back to business I'm afraid. The past couple of weeks my phone has been ringing non-stop and I've spent far too many hours than I'd care to count writing proposals for new projects. A lot of effort goes into each proposal if you want it done right and to convey the right attitude to your potential client, not to mention stand any chance of winning the work. It's something that takes practice to get right and for those not seasoned with how it's done, here is a post with a few basic pointers and examples to set you in good stead.

Once you've mastered proposal writing and you start bagging those projects, then you'll need to get to grips with getting a contract on the table. It's something a lot of freelancers will vouch for and can be used as a valuable legal tool. If you think you're dealing with a sketchy client then there's even more reason to get a contract drawn up and signed. Smashing Magazine's post is a comprehensive account of what needs to be included in a contract. FreelanceUK has also asked 'What's in a contract?' and provided legal tips on the basics involved.

7 Steps for Designing Great Logos

Sean Farrell of Brandclay has posted a very insightful and useful 7 step guide to designing the perfect logo. With some practical advice and tips you might not have considered, it definitely is a process worth following with your next logo project. You may be doing some of these things already but it's always good to clarify the process to the client that may not quite appreciate the amount of thought and planning that goes into coming up with an original and striking logo.

Alex Peterson, Pixel Air, a web design studio in Cheshire.

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17th June 2010

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