Freelance round-up: This month in photography - February

Gear and vision

As a photographer, obsessing over the newest toy and shiny gadget out there on the market is the guilty secret we all share. And while the hankering for shinier gear never leaves, for those just starting out the amount and array of cameras, lenses and other equipment can be nothing short of overwhelming. For those wondering just how many lenses could be the bare minimum, here’s an article outlining the three lenses every photographer should own . It’s a decent list, to cover most eventualities, but as with all gear-related opinions, can also fall short.

Remember, though, that what you actually need for your photography is directly related to the type of photos you are taking. That is the golden rule. If you stick to it, rather than running around buying all the newest lenses and bodies, not only will your bank account be healthier, but your photography could even improve.

Good photography is as much about vision as it is about gear. This article discusses ways to improve and develop your own vision . My point, though, is that by being forced to be creative within the confines of the gear you already own, you push your own creative boundaries as you seek to keep refining your own vision. And that is something that cannot be bought with infinite lenses or bodies.

Photography competitions

The Deutsche Borse Photography Prize shortlist exhibition is available to visit at the Photographers’ Gallery until mid-April. This prize is awarded to a living photographer who has made the most significant contribution in photography over the previous year. The winner will be announced on March 17.

Here is an interview with one of the shortlisted photographers, British documentary photographer Anna Fox .

The winners of te World Press Photos 2010 have been announced this month (Visit the BJP website for an in-depth analysis of the winners and a reflection on the changing face of 21st century media reportage).

Aperture 3.0

Following on from last month’s look at Lightroom, I’ve decided to balance the scales with a look at what is happening in the world of Aperture.

Apple have released their latest version of Aperture this month with a whole host of new features and improvements (It seems that this new version is designed to make it easier for photographers looking to upgrade from iPhoto, as well as containing all the necessary tools for professional photographers’ digital workflow.)

I notice that they have included brushes for detailed editing, and if they work in the same way as the Lightroom adjustment brush, I’d say that Aperture users would be well advised to cough up for the £79 upgrade. Enjoy your post production!

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26th February 2010

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