Freelance round-up: This month in photography

Photographers protest

Between 1000 and 2000 photographers gathered in Trafalgar Square last weekend (Jan 23) to defend their rights to take photographs in public places.

Police have been increasingly using powers granted under “Section 44” of 2001 terrorism legislation to stop-and-search individuals going about normal, lawful activity. Photographers have found themselves victimised and bullied while doing nothing more than practicing their craft in public spaces.

A recent landmark in the European court of Human Rights found this particular use of police powers to be illegal and a breach of human rights.

The Home Secretary is appealing against the ruling by the European Courts, but photographers and photographic bodies continue to fight against this infringement of photographer’s rights to document their world and society.

Post –production “gear”

The ongoing debate around PC versus Macintosh takes on a fun photographic twist when deciding which editing and cataloguing software to choose. Lightroom or Aperture? Aperture or Lightroom?

For those that worry about these things, I can let you know that Aperture is usable only on a Mac, whereas Adobe Lightroom can be used on either Mac or PC. This article outlines the pros and cons for both pieces of software and it seems most commentators for this blogger, agree with his conclusions.

For the record, I use Lightroom on a Mac and love it without reservation. I didn’t actually trial Aperture, however, so my opinion lacks a certain amount of objectivity. Follow that link for a more balanced approach to the debate.

And to follow on from last month’s cheap learning theme, here’s a link to an e-book that will help you to get the most out of the Lightroom develop module  and still give you change from £10. Can we say bargain?

I’ll keep my eyes peeled for an Aperture equivalent for those of you that insist on doing things differently.

Travel Photographer of the Year

The winners in the Travel Photographer of the Year 2009 were recently announced and as always the quality of work was outstanding. Big congratulations to winner, Akash. For an insider’s view on the competition, have a read of these comments from one of the judges, BFP member Simon Bainbrige.

A selection of the best images will be exhibited from the end of the month at The Royal Horticultural Halls in London. More details can be found here.

Photographic philanthropy

What Digital Camera have organised an Ebay auction of digital equipment to raise funds for the victims of the recent Haiti disaster. A number of manufacturers have generously donated a selection of compact cameras, bags and accessories as well as a fabulous Nikon D3000. All bids to be made via Paypal, and the auctions end on January 30th.

Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to feed your gear demon while simultaneously helping out this hugely worthy cause. Details can be found here. 

For a longer term feel-good boost, visit OpenShade and follow the selected projects of “photographers who give”.  Fabulous and inspirational!

Cathy Topping

Freelance Alliance l Website



27th January 2010

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