Freelance round-up: This month in photography

Know your fees

Deciding what to charge as a freelance photographer can be difficult, especially if you’re just starting out. And it’s not just working out how to charge for your time and expertise, but also how to incorporate licensing arrangements into your pricing structure to keep your clients happy and your business healthy.

The London Freelance Org has a wealth of information and knowledge for the freelance photographer. They not only break down pricing structures for commissioned work, online usage and print media into tiered budgets relevant to the client, they also have real-life examples of what photographers have been charging for recent work.

Before quoting for your next job, take a look at their website and make sure you’re not undercharging for your work.

And in case you’re still debating how much to charge, peruse through this article about charging double your normal rate. Certainly food for thought.

Sexist lighting?

Over at The Strobist – a brilliant blog dedicated to helping photographers get the best possible results by lighting with relatively cheap and portable speedlights – check out the debate from this entry.  Is using portable lighting, which is inherently a more technical and ‘geeky’ approach to photography, something that men gravitate to more naturally? I’m not going dip my toe in that debate here, but the avalanche of interesting comments from both sides of the gender gap makes for some really interesting reading.

Cheap learning

One of the great benefits of photography in the digital age is the wealth of learning resources available to us all at the click of a mouse. Thanks to websites and blogs we can follow the work and career of those contemporary photographers who truly inspire us.

Canny professionals are utilising this technological give and take in a variety of ways, and one which really stands out is the self-publishing of e-books. Small guides on a variety of topics offered at very reasonable prices, it’s a situation that truly feels win-win. A small dip into your pocket that helps out a fellow photographer keep his accountant happy, and in return you get insider tips and tricks about how the guys you admire produce the work that they produce.

There are loads out there, but for starters here are some links to the output of one photographer that has caught my attention lately. At $5 dollars a pop, it’s hard to say no.

David DuChemin over at The Pixelated Image is churning out his teaching at an impressive rate. To date he has 5 e-books for sale , and if you’re still wondering whether it’s worth paying for what he has to say, he is a fully published photographic author with two books under his belt already, here and here with a third due out early next year.

The man is a giant in his field and he loves sharing his ‘secrets’, so do yourself a favour and have a browse around.


There are always plenty of photography competitions taking place, so here’s a reminder that the closing date for the Sony Photography Awards is only a few weeks away. It’s a big competition, open to professionals and amateurs alike, and the winners will receive not only generous cash prizes, but also fantastic exposure and opportunities. The awards ceremony takes place in Cannes, so you know this one is the real deal!


Cathy Topping

Freelance Alliance l Website




15th December 2009

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